Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cr-48 Media Access

One of the gripes about ChromeOS is the lack of local storage or an easy way to access local media (USB, etc.)

I've looked for an extension/app to do it, but so far haven't found any.  I do understand the ChromeOS philosophy, but I don't always want all my stuff "in the cloud".  Moreover, I frequently use USB drives as a "sneaker net" media, transferring stuff on and off boxes with no other ability to connect.

Well, I have a partial solution, at least if you have gotten into dev mode.  It seems ChromeOS's linux infrastructure is fully functional and able to automount my flash drives.  These get mounted in /media similar to the way they do on Ubuntu, debian and others.  The files are accessible from the shell and the mount is owned by chronos (the only "real" user from the linux side).

However, from within Chrome you only readily have access to the "Downloads " folder.
(I took this shot after I had already created the link.  So it's sort of a preview).

So I set a symlink from /media into "Downloads" and was able to browse my device!

Further testing runs into a glitch - there seems to be no way to go back.  That isn't the case, however, you can go back, but the window doesn't refresh.  Ctrl-r refreshes you into the correct level.

I'm satisfied with this for now, but a few trivial tweaks (and linking /media in by default) would add much needed and much requested functionality.

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