Friday, April 8, 2011

Three Months with The Cr48 Notebook

I got a Cr48 notebook in late December and have been messing with it ever since.  More or less.

I was initially rather excited about the notebook, it was fast, secure, light.  It has insane battery life, it is Linux based, it's more or less open to developers and reverse-engineering.  I took the time.  I tweaked.  I updated.  I joined a number of Cr48 discussion groups.

After three months, I still use it.  Some.

The overall design just doesn't work.

So, the parts, and what makes them great:

The hardware is robust and fast enough for what it does.  Really, the CPU is a little slow by today's standards, but everything else is well matched to it giving an overall experience that feels lightning fast.

The browser is Chrome, of course and it is awesome.  I really feel that the Chrome browser is the best browser you can get today.  It does an unbelievably good job of keeping the state of your browser sync'ed over multiple machines with usually being obtrusive about it.  Almost everything "just works."

The OS is just the browser,  basically.  This is where the trouble starts.  The Cr48 is basically useless without a network connection.  I'm not always well connected.  Thus, when I want to write a paper, a lesson plan, a blog entry, even a simple note to self, I do NOT pull out the Cr48.  I use my clunky (but reliable) old Toshiba, or increasingly I find that I use my Android phone.

In fact, I am becoming more and more solidly of the opinion that the Cr48 needs to be dumped in favor of fully integrating the Chrome browser into Android.

Sorry, Cr48 team, I tried.  I'm still trying.  But I think the Cr48 is going to be remembered as a false step on the path to better things.

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