Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Live Longer, Live Better

According to Mississippi’s own Dr Larry Creswell, as little as 90 minutes per week of high intensity exercise confers health benefits, and 30 minutes per day of high intensity exercise was more beneficial than 90 minutes per day of low intensity.  On the other hand extreme endurance is probably not healthy…  but then, that’s why it’s “Extreme”. 

And most of us don’t come even remotely close to “extreme”.

I think the common theme is pretty simple, at least in theory:

1-      Get some real exercise, 90 minutes of high intensity exercise per week, but (probably)  more than 4 or 5 hours per week is  pointless unless you’re training for something specific (which is where things get complicated).
2-      Cut sugars and carbs in general.  While the mechanism of action is still being researched we know two things for sure:
a.       Insulin resistance shortens lifespans and increases the symptoms of age
b.      Less sugar and carbs in your diet increases lifespan and decreases many symptoms of age.
3-      It’s ok to relax once you’ve had your exercise!
4-      Don’t smoke. (I know everyone gets tired of me saying that, but it’s the single quickest way to shorten your life and make what there is of it later be miserable.)
5-      Think positive!  It's cliche, true, but there is a significant amount of evidence that suggests that belief in a positive outcome is the basis for the placebo effect.  

How much of a difference?  In theory at least, you could be talking about the difference between spending half your time in the hospital from 60 til you die at 70 vs spending most of your time chasing your great great grand kids at 99+.

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