Monday, May 5, 2014

South Central’s renegade gardener

I like this man's attitude and idea.  I'm linking the TED talk.  I think the audience was a little unsure how to take him.

Where I grew up, gardening is a part of life.  I've always felt that having a garden, however small, was something you would just do, eventually.  I grew up eating food that was grown by my family, my friends and neighbors.   Not 100% but a significant fraction, especially when I was very young.

And now, I finally took the time to do a little garden and put enough effort into it to make it work.  Now, after years of being dependent on supermarkets, I get it.  I have food I grew.  Food I canned and "put back".   To this tiny degree I am less dependent on "the system".

I have shared food I grew with friends and neighbors.  If you think growing food for yourself is an amazing feeling, try growing it and sharing it!

That's what empowerment feels like.

Quotes I liked:

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money” 

" ‘Aren’t you afraid people are going to steal your food?’ Hell, no! That’s why it’s on the street! That’s the whole idea! I want them to take it and take back their health.”

“I’m not talking about no free sh-t. Free is not sustainable. The funny thing about sustainability: you have to sustain it.”

“What I’m talking about is putting people to work, getting kids off the street, about the pride and the honor of growing your own food."

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